Rock Harbor Covenant Church

A Great Place To Raise A Family



On top of bonding with each other, the members of Rock Harbor come together to serve our community. We take part in many service opportunities, including Rocklin Serve Day and other various organizations we partner with such as Villa which is a home for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia. During Spring Break, we send our high school students and leaders down to Mexico to run VBS programs and build homes for those in need. We feel that helping our community is a very important way to show God’s love as well building relationships with those around us.

Opportunities to Serve

Local Missions:

Rock Harbor continues to serve the families in our community through out the year in many ways. Join us on Sunday mornings to stay up to date on ways we can serve our community together.

Global Missions: 

  • Rock Harbor is proud to partner with our Covenant denomination and World Vision to sponsor kids from Congo. “Joining together in Equateur, this unprecedented partnership will provide a ‘journey of transformation,’ in addition to the spiritual work carried out through the congregations of the Covenant Church of Congo (CEUM). This proven community development model for sustainable long-term solutions is built on World Vision’s 60 years of experience building a better world for children.” If you are interested in joining the 45+ families sponsoring children in Congo you can do so here or by emailing Heather Tomscak.
  • Rock Harbor is present in more ways than one in the Congo. We also support The Paul Carlson Partnership building Farmers to Market and providing loans for small wholesalers to create their own business. Farmers to Market is assisting in moving communities toward sustainability in the Congo.
  • G.D. helped start ministry at Rock Harbor in the early days. G .and his wife, B., now work to bring the Bible to places it has never gone before.
  • Chris Peterson helped launch Rock Harbor during its first years while also serving in leadership roles in local ministries. In 2009, Chris joined Christian Associates International to help expand the Kingdom in Spain. While in Spain, he has also expanded his family to include his wife and partner in ministry, Gloria.  Together they have helped establish local house churches through their arts ministry.
  • Our regional association of churches is the Pacific Southwest Conference (PSWC).  The PSWC includes over 80 churches in the region representing CA, NV, AZ, UT, and HI. This conference often leads the way for our denomination in such efforts as youth ministry, multi-ethnicity efforts and church planting. Our commitments to the PSWC are helping future generations of young churches in ways similar to how Rock Harbor was helped.
  • Our denomination is called the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) of America. Our denomination is known as an evangelical leader that promotes the gospel causes both at home and abroad. During this time, when most denominations are experiencing severe decline the ECC continues to experience incredible growth through it’s aggressive commitment to Kingdom expansion. Our commitments to this denomination are helping us reach far beyond our local world into exciting places we could never go alone.