High School

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COVID-19 Update

High School

For information about events and the High School Youth community, contact Brittney Land at BrittneyL@rockharboronline.com


Welcome to the Rock Harbor High School Ministry, where our goal is to provide an atmosphere of acceptance, a safe place to develop personal tools for each student’s spiritual journey, and an avenue for students to model Christ’s love in their day-to-day lives. On Sundays, come sit with us in the front-middle rows of the Gracepoint Sanctuary, and on Tuesdays join us for Youth Group in the Gracepoint Sanctuary from 7-8:30pm. Our weekly Youth Group is comprised of hanging out, games, a message, and time to develop deeper relationships with other students and spiritual peers.


We can’t wait to meet you, so contact Brittney Land (916-276-2622) for details, and we hope to see you soon!