College Ministry

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The RHCC college ministry exists to connect students to Jesus and each other.

We are a hodge-podge group of people from various backgrounds, experiences, and walks of life. As college students, graduate students and working young adults, we have three guiding values that strike at the heart of our college family: everyone belongs, this is a safe place to talk about anything, and grace rules.

We recognize that we are all in process, and as a result, we have a deep value for charitable dialogue. Whether you’re a skeptic, doubter, or you’ve been hurt by the church… you are safe to belong.

We would to be thrilled to have you to journey with us. Come inspire questions, learn more about others, make a pal, search, risk, hope. We believe we were created to live deeply with one another because the way of Jesus simply can’t be lived alone.

We hope you join us.


To learn more about the College Community, contact Scott at