Children’s Ministry

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Rock Harbor “Kid’s Cove is a place where we can jointly train with you and encourage your children in learning God’s word.

We believe that each parent is the primary leader of their child’s spiritual growth and that we at Rock Harbor can come along side of you for support. In addition to your regular family routines, we will provide you the Sunday lesson in advance for you to teach, review and encourage your child prior to arriving on Sunday to Kids’ Cove. This will give us the opportunity to reassure to your child that you are the leader and that we are in support of your teaching.

Lesson Plans

We encourage you to take a few minutes to read and tell the story of the upcoming lesson; maybe it’s at breakfast as they prepare their day for school, at dinner or just as they are preparing for bed. A daily review is so helpful for them to commit the story to memory.

The “Pre-Cap” document passed out to the children each Sunday. This will provide you the following items:

  • The lesson or topic of the day
  • The music or song that will be played
  • Family Talk questions
  • Family Games
  • The Story with Questions

Sunday Mornings

On Sunday morning we will begin with facts and questions about the lesson of the day to encourage them to participate in what they learned at home. We believe that it will be more exciting and impactful for every child in the class with this team teaching concept. How exciting it would be for your son or daughter to be able to participate in class with the teaching that YOU began at home! Our hope and goal is that your child will understand that the teaching of God’s word is not only at church but in the home as well.


Find your child’s age-appropriate class, fill out the nametag with both allergies and your cell-phone number. We will use this in case your child needs you during service. If this is your first time, feel free to step in the class and meet the teacher(s).


If you have any questions about Kids’ Cove, please feel free to contact the Kids’ Cover Director, Mika Strait.