Children’s Ministry

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The Children’s Ministry at Rock Harbor has a desire for every child to encounter Christ.   Our prayer is for children to leave each Sunday knowing that the Creator of the world loves them. We are building into each age group to prepare them for their next stage in their spiritual journey, and for them to believe and understand that their identity rests in Christ.

We encourage and teach age appropriate healthy spiritual habits, which include bringing friends to church, being mission minded both local and global through kids offering, bringing and using their Bibles each week, and keeping the Lords word in our hearts through weekly remember verses.

As soon as a child is walking he/she will have hands on Bible experience. The children are engaged on Sundays with fun and creative teaching. All games and lesson are focused around age appropriate “God Focus Phrases” that will teach about God’s character. The children learn biblical knowledge with a solid application.

Sunday Morning class doors open at 945

  • 2 teachers per class
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Nursery: Birth through walking
  • Preschool classes: Age walking through 5 years.
  • Nut and gluten free snacks provided

Elementary grades kindergarten through 5th.  We teach Tru Curriculum

We welcome children and families with special needs

Our Exciting Programs through the year:

  • Christmas program
  • Easter Promiseland
  • VBS opportunities at Great Escape
  • Summer camp grades 4th-6th at Frontier Ranch link here
  • CHAOS Mid Month Family Ministry for grades 3rd-5th


Find your child’s age-appropriate class, fill out the name tag with both allergies and your cell-phone number. We will use this in case your child needs you during service. If this is your first time, feel free to step in the class and meet the teacher(s).

Mid-Week –

CHAOS for children 3rd-5th Grades & their parents

Intro to Chaos

Chaos will be a new Family Ministry for grade 3rd– 5th and their parents. During baby dedications we say that we will help spiritually raise and support one another’s kids. We want to provide a better opportunity to do so. This ministry will lean into Rock Harbor’s motto of “a great place to raise a family.”

Chaos will be an intentional parents-child time with no drop off. Chaos is a time for kids and parents to spend time together. If you are unable to make it we encourage you to ask a close friend who is willing to invest in your child to partner with you. The hope is that Chaos will be a place where both parents and children will want to invite friends

What does Chaos look like?

  • Once a month for 1 hour
  • Group games
  • Break off into boys’ and girls’ groups. Either parent can be in either group, meaning moms can be with daughters or with sons and vise versa.
  • Once we have broken into groups there will be a topic of discussion and an activity to go along with it.
  • The group discussion time will be topical and Biblical. It will not be anyone teaching, or scripture memorizing, rather will be a comfortable place where parents and children will talk about life and how to live Biblically.


Parents will meet every quarter to have Discussion Nights. It doesn’t matter if you have a son or daughter, moms will be with Becky Cunnington and dads will be with Kurtis Nixon. All issues, whether you have a son or daughter, will be discussed. At discussion nights you will have an opportunity to talk about hot topics going on within your family, such as, respect, body images, attitude, quiet times, future, language, actions a reflection of the heart, etc.

The Chaos Organizers will review the hot topics that were brought up on Discussion Nights. The Organizers will then choose the topics for Chaos for the next 6 months. Parents will then have an opportunity to choose one of these topics they would like to lead. Chaos gender groups will not be lead by a Chaos Organizer, but rather lead by a parent, hence Co-op. When it is your month to lead you will meet once with Mika to discuss the evening and come up with ideas on what to do, and how to lead the group time.

Meeting times

We will meet once a month at Gracepoint from 6:30-7:30 pm. Dates are like our name chaotic — they will change from month to month, watch for updates or call for details.

  • Family Friendzies
  • Once a quarter we will do an all-family get together.
  • It may be a skate night, laser tag, Swimming, BBQ, Dance party – the opportunities are endless.


If you have any questions about Kids’ Cove or our CHAOS program, please feel free to contact the Kids’ Cover Director, Mika Strait.