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Life Groups

We believe we were created to live deeply with one another because the way of Jesus can’t be lived alone. We envision loving, authentic, missionary bands of people who want to come closer to God.  They do life deeply together.  They journey together, encouraging, challenging, carrying, and pushing one another.  They are learning to become deeply aware that they have received compassion from God, and they give it generously to everyone they encounter.

We envision men and women who live as deeply devoted students of Jesus.  They are becoming real – transformed from the inside out.  They are learning to live their lives as Jesus would live them, and are free from legalistic rule-keeping, phony posturing, plastic spirituality, and any attempts to earn the favor of God and people.  Their lives result in others becoming followers of Jesus as they actively pursue holiness, blessing and love.

Come and journey with us.

For more information, please give Scott Buetzow a call at 916-804-1100 or e-mail

Currently over 16 Life Groups that are available for you.  Contact us to learn the best time and location for you.

Men’s groups  –  Every day of the week

Women’s Groups  –  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday

Couple’s Groups –  Wednesday and Friday