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A word from our Lead Pastor, Greg Krieger

Welcome to Rock Harbor Church! We are a young church serving South Placer, striving to be a community of faith where God’s love dwells in and through our lives in real ways that move out from Sunday services and into the fabric of the lives we live.

We seek to be a biblically based church, with a sky high value on cultivating an atmosphere of acceptance. It is our prayer that our Sunday services, as well as our lives, are avenues for authentic worship of the God we love.

Our dynamic children’s and youth ministries on Sundays and throughout the week have made Rock Harbor a church kids love, and a place parents are discovering to be “A Great Place to Raise a Family!” We seek to be a Family on Mission both local and global, to bring light and love to Jesus Christ into a dark and lonely world in need.

We invite you to catch a glimpse of Rock Harbor here. Come join us on a Sunday, or in one of the many other places you will find represented throughout the week. Rock Harbor may be a great place for you to raise your family. Rock Harbor may be a great place for you to be connected to the family of God.

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